5 Popular Steak Cuts Ordered in Steak Restaurants

In general, tenderloin, short loin and rib sections of beef are generally the popular steaks for broiling or grilling. Taste is more of individual preferences but the juiciness and the tenderness is critical to enjoying a delicious steak. Following are the top popular steaks being ordered at a steak restaurant at https://www.beststeakrestaurant.com .

Number 1. Tenderloin Filet

This is otherwise called as filet mignon. It is actually the most tender steak and yet, it has little fat marbling. Because it's both tender and lean, it is perfect for those who are conscious about their fat intake. It also has mild flavor than other cuts. Because it has a bit amount of fat that renders into steaks as it cooks, it's not almost juicy like other steaks and may be dry if it's cooked beyond medium.

Number 2. Rib-eye Steaks

Rib-eye has the most fat that you can get in a steak. This is the reason why it's deemed to be the most flavorful and juice of all steaks. This is actually the choice for real steak aficionados, fatty, robust and beefy. It can also be too fatty for others. It has a bone-in option and yes you're right, it's from the same cut as standing rib roast. When it is roasted, they call it as Prime Rib and when sliced into steaks, broiled or grilled, it becomes ribeye chop.
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Number 3. New York Strip

This is called sometimes as Kansas City. This is perhaps the best ever steak you can get when all things considered. It actually has less fat compared to ribeye and yet, as tender. It also has some flavor of its own, something buttery and succulent. Some steak restaurant at https://www.beststeakrestaurant.com even feature bone-in version.

Number 4. T-Bone Steak

T-Bone is two steaks in one actually. So if you can't decide whether to get a New York Strip Steak or Tenderloin Filet, don't worry as T-Bone got you covered. If you want your steak to be well done or medium well, better take this into account. The meat that's set next to bones is difficult to get into those temperatures without burning the steak.

Number 5. Porterhouse Steak

T-Bone as well as Porterhouse are more likely the same steak cut. Truth is, it's called often as "king of T-Bones". It's the bigger version of T-Bone as it's cut from further up loin section. It is larger with a bigger piece of tenderloin fillet. Normally, you will not find smaller porterhouse steaks in any steak restaurants that are 20 ounces.